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This course introduces key principles from the diverse sciences of optimal human functioning, including positive psychology, neurobiology, and the social and behavioral sciences. The research is integrated through the SPIRE model of well-being. Students are introduced to the concept of aiming towards an ideal self, the advantages of a positive focus, the five perspectives of well-being, how to engage character strengths and appreciation, and using evidence-based tools to make lasting change.

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the key principles of positive psychology
  • Practice new perspectives—and learn how changing our mindset can be a leverage point for positive impact
  • Apply the SPIRE model of well-being to increase appreciation for and application of a multifaceted view of thriving
  • Focus attention towards the positive for more creativity, motivation, health, and overall success
  • Integrate the personal learning by constructing a narrative that aims towards the ideal self

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