7 Steps To Make More Money (today & tomorrow)

I rushed down the elevator to my mailbox. Today had to be the day; it’s been over a week since my client told me he had mailed my check. The anticipation gripped me as I floated down to the lobby mailroom. I dropped my keys twice trying to open the box, then tore...

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The $50 a Day Early Retirement Strategy

This is the single most important hack I’ve used to build wealth. It’s easy. I break down ALL of my money goals into daily goals. I still deposit money every day into my investment accounts and track my net worth for free using Personal Capital. Our minds are built to...

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Study Looks at Coherence and Feeling States

Study Looks at Coherence and Feeling States Researchers at HeartMath Institute and elsewhere have undertaken numerous studies through the years that have demonstrated the ability of HeartMath® tools and technology to help people increase psychophysiological coherence....

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Stress Is on the Rise: Take Action!

Editor’s note: Besides discussing the rise of stress in the U.S., this article provides a few suggestions for not only weathering increasing stress, but also taking action to reduce and prevent it. Feeling more anxious, frustrated or angry in recent months? You are...

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Try a Little Kindness

Everyone loves that warm heart feeling they get when they do something kind for another. It's wonderful, right? Did you know kind acts – even secret ones – can do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health? And there’s another curious thing about kindness:...

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Inner Stillness and Silence

August 8, 2017 Articles of the Heart, HeartMath Tools & Techniques Many spiritual cultures agree inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness that can unleash the transformational power of our love. That's why, from...

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Solutions for Major Stressors

HeartMath Institute’s long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people’s lives worldwide. Whether you, a friend or loved one is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition,...

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Syria opens its first solar-powered hospital

By Tom Lawson 21 July, 2017 Solar energy is helping to save lives in Syria by providing a more reliable power supply A hospital in Syria can run for up to 24 hours on renewable power, thanks to the installation of 480 solar panels. Six years of civil war has destroyed...

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NYC residents trade solar energy with their neighbors

By Tom Lawson 21 July, 2017 A community microgrid is helping New Yorkers exchange renewable power Residents in two New York City neighbourhoods are helping to keep each other’s lights on by sharing energy generated by solar panels. Using a TransActive Grid, people in...

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